I was initially concerned about the mass destruction of jobs as anticipated by Frey and Osborne and McKinsey. As you point out, this hasn't happened yet. But what does appear is the surging of the Gig Economy, where tasks such as an Uber driver are dumbed down so that new drivers without knowledge of the streets of a city can be put to work almost instantly. These task oriented jobs will be on-demand and will cost employers far less than full-time workers. They will also circumvent minimum wage laws. A very scary future!

“Over half of all births to young adults in the United States today occur outside of marriage, and most are unplanned. This trend is driving a growing class divide. At the top are ‘planners,’ who are marrying and having children only after establishing a career. At the bottom — and increasingly in the middle — are ‘drifters,’ who are having unplanned children early, outside of marriage, and without the stable support of a second parent. This divide is contributing to rising inequality and decreased social mobility for both young parents and their children.” — Generation Unbound, Drifting into Parenthood Without…

Bill Kelvie

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Advisor

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